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An old woman’s view of the 2016 protests after 46 years of elections.

I’ve always tried to follow the old adage, “never discuss religion or politics” if you want to keep a friend. But not today. I’ve been watching the mostly young hordes of folks protesting the Trump victory by filling the streets … Continue reading

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What’s Beneath Our Feet?

A tale of hiking in the Rockies. Continue reading

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Alex O’Loughlin – An Actor’s Actor

This is, as the old “Phantom” comic strip used to say, for those who came in late. You may have just discovered Alex as Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0 or just noticed the fantastic looking guy on the cover of “Men’s … Continue reading

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When Did One Billion Dollars Become Like a Raindrop in a Hurricane?

So, the debt crisis is over. The boys on the beach finally noticed that high tide was about to destroy their sandcastle. Everything is right with the world and, WHOOPY, Congress can go on vacation.  Oops, I mean recess of … Continue reading

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The Darn Debt Ceiling Fight

Both sides claim they are fighting for a compromise.  What they really remind me of is two brats fighting over the best way to build a sand castle while ignoring the fact that the rising tide will soon wipe everything … Continue reading

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