An old woman’s view of the 2016 protests after 46 years of elections.

I’ve always tried to follow the old adage, “never discuss religion or politics” if you want to keep a friend. But not today. I’ve been watching the mostly young hordes of folks protesting the Trump victory by filling the streets yelling and screaming like toddlers denied their candy who think that it will get them what they want, Hillary.  Apparently, their way of thinking is the only right way and that’s the way it has to be. Wake up folks. Start by looking at the election results maps of which states went red. Americans don’t all live in California or New Mexico and don’t all think the same way. Don’t like democracy anymore? Try doing what you are doing in China. Are you too young to remember Tiananmen Square?  “He’s not my President. I’ll move to Canada.” Go ahead. I seriously doubt they would welcome people who wanted to choose their leaders by reversing their election system and electing by mob rule. If I remember correctly, Alex Baldwin  and other Hollywood notables threatened to move out of America if Reagan won, all sure that he would press the nuclear button and ruin the country. Guess what, no nuclear war. We are still here. The big bank companies did more damage to us. Alex’s brother, Billy confirmed that Alex still lives here. In addition, Alex and friends are still citizens. It’s all political rhetoric and always has been. I congratulate Hillary on her maturity and poise in defeat. As she said, “…give the man a chance to lead…”.  The decision is done. We are still the United States of America and we will survive. As President Obama said, “…the sun will still rise tomorrow…”  Go home. Go back to work and quit clogging the streets and using resources that we need to run this country. You may think that “Trump is not my president”, but IT IS YOUR COUNTRY. Make do. Live with it. Move on and move forward as we did after Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and other disasters across our land. This is what makes the U.S.A. great and we WILL keep it that way.

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