When Did One Billion Dollars Become Like a Raindrop in a Hurricane?

So, the debt crisis is over. The boys on the beach finally noticed that high tide was about to destroy their sandcastle. Everything is right with the world and, WHOOPY, Congress can go on vacation.  Oops, I mean recess of course.

Wait a minute! Wasn’t one of the complaints about the debt deal due to the lack of additional tax revenues? And, isn’t the projected loss of tax revenue due to the partial FAA shutdown over one billion dollars?  Huh? I guess this is too trivial an amount for the poor exhausted Congress to stay at work. Or to worry about the thousands of FAA workers on furlough or working on their own dime.  What gives here? Pardon me if I don’t get it. I know  I’m just a dumb voter but shouldn’t somebody be doing something?

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